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Single: Donots – “Calling”

Track: “Calling”
Artist: Donots
Release Date: November 23, 2010
Label: Solitary Man Records

There is nothing particularly new on Donots’ punk-rock anthem “Calling”, but in all honesty, the track doesn’t strike me as an effort to reinvent the wheel. Instead, “Calling” is more of an attempt to stick with a previously tried-and-true songwriting formula. From the tremolos of the guitars to the echoed vocals of the chorus to the fast-paced drumming, nothing seems particularly innovative, yet everything still seems to fit together. The song is extremely catchy and an enjoyable listien altogether, but if it seems like you’ve heard this song before, you probably have – it just probably wasn’t called “Calling” and it probably wasn’t performed by the Donots.

“Calling” is from The Long Way Home, out now.

MP3: Donots – “Calling”

Rating: 6.5/10

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