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New Panda Bear Single In March

Following the release of the “reworked” version of the song “Last Night At theJetty”,  Animal Collective member Panda Bear will be releasing a brand new single, “Surfer’s Hymn”, March 14th on Kompakt Records. Also on the single will be a remix of his song “Tomboy” by the producer Actress. Check out Kompakt’s description of the two songs below and make sure to order the single on their site in March (there will be no pre-order available).

Panda Bear’s new album, Tomboy, will be coming out April 12 via Paw Tracks.

“On March 14th, KOMPAKT is thoroughly honoured to release the final installment from ANIMAL COLLECTIVE’s Noah Lennox aka PANDA BEAR limited 7” series. This follows previous 7″es on his own PAW TRACKS label, as well as FATCAT and DOMINO as the build-up continues to his forthcoming full length TOMBOY on PAW TRACKS due out in April.

SURFER’S HYMN eases like the ocean crashing against the beach. In fact, Noah’s voice ebbs and flows in harmonious grace with a sample of that very sound while the blissful thump of a bass drum keeps the song together.

ACTRESS of Honest Jon’s fame makes a rare remix appearance with a take on the original – his signature tribal thump makes ease in what is the most straight laced dance floor stunner we’ve heard from him ever. Somewhere found between DJ KOZE and VILLALOBOS we are thoroughly floored with this remake.

As with the previous releases, Scott Mou (1/2 of Jane w/ Lennox and from Other Music) does an impeccable job creating the artwork for this release.

As with the previous 7″ releases this is a limited edition pressing and is destined to sell out so act be sure to act fast!!  Also, no physical promos will be available on this release.”

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