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Stream: Blu & Madlib – UCLA

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about Blu besides his sharp rhymes and quick wit, it’s the fact that he’s always full of surprises. After randomly uploading his second album with producer Exile onto his Bandcamp page earlier this year, Blu has done it again by posting up UCLA, a brand new album completely produced by Madlib. The two California legends have been reported to be working with each other on UCLA for quite a while, but few details were ever released, with many believing that Blu had once again scrapped a project. Today, we can listen to the entire album or purchase it for a cool 15 bucks.

I’ve yet to understand Blu’s affinity for unmastered, lowish-quality tracks and UCLA is no exception. Although Blu and Madlib deliver and the plain fact that Blu is one of my favorite MCs of all time, the quality isn’t necessarily the best and the project sounds like a work in progress. You can listen for yourself below and purchase it here.

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