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Listen: Whale Fire – “Wild-Eyed Mistake”

Whale Fire, a four-piece indie rock/pop group from Little Rock, are set to release their 7″ titled Dream of Me / The Fabric on September 29th. After hearing their single “Wild-Eyed Mistake” (listen below) from their forthcoming album coming in October/early November, I am quite excited to see what else they are capable of. Whale Fire splits lead vocals/guitar duties between Clay Grubbs and John Steel while Matthew Steel handles the harmonies/bass, and Will Vick takes care of the drums/percussion.

Referring to their upcoming material in John’s own words, “We recently finished recording material for a 7″ and a full length album with our good friend Michael Stephens mostly between his spare bedroom and our practice space. The process ended up taking a little longer than we thought it would after the laptop we were using broke and it hit another snag when Michael had to move to Shreveport, LA, but we are finished now and happy with the results.”

Pick up their single Wild-Eyed Mistake for free on their bandcamp page now and check out their website for tour dates and more information.

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