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Listen: Being Amazing!! – “Perfect Male Specimen”

Being Amazing!!
Being Amazing!! Australian pop-punk band today released their debut album on 7″ vinyl titled Perfect Male Specimen. The band consists of Wil Wagner from The Smith Street Band on bass and vocals, Tom Lawson a former member of the afore mentioned band on vocals and guitar and Dave Brown on drums. Perfect Male Specimen was recorded and mixed by Damien Maunders at Brady Music and mastered by Jason Sandford at DEX Mastering. The album’s use of fast paced distorted guitar strumming and zealous vocals make this album worth a listen. You can purchase the 7″ from Jack Knife Music, buy the digital version from their Bandcamp page on a “Name Your Price” basis or stream it below.

Track Listing:

Side A
01. Notice of Objection (The First One)
02. All The Things We Would Rather Be Doing
03. Tour Dates
04. 06! 1109! (The Long One)

Side B
05. (Sorry Lucy)
06. The Song That Tom Hates
07. The Drunken Magicians Final Act
08. $$$$ (ATM)
09. Woah!! (The Last One)

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