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My Favorite Robot’s “Atomic Age”

My Favorite Robot Press
The Toronto based trio, My Favorite Robot comprised of James Teej, Jared Simms and Voytek Korab run a highly successful label and act as a production outfit. They have a strong connection with No. 19 Music that stretches back to the formative days for both, when a shared office in Toronto provided the base for both outfits. Now, with both camps dominating the world stage it makes for the most natural of partnerships for the new My Favorite Robot album to find a home with the irrepressible No.19 Music. Their new album Atomic Age will be available on the 16th of September with the track-list available below. For more information check out their website and Facebook page.

01. The Circus
02. Here Tonight
03. Looking For Frost
04. Ride
05. Space Capsule
06. Missing Time feat. Chloe
07. Home feat. Clayton Steele
08. The Walk
09. Centreofattentionaut
10. Atomic Age
11. Sharpest Tongue
12. The War To End All Wars

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