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Watch: SKATERS – “Deadbolt”

SKATERS is a four piece plasma-punk band out of New York. SKATERS’ songs are filled with smooth vocals, and breezy garage-rock melodies. They recently released a video for their new single “Deadbolt”, which you can watch below. You can also stream their first single “I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)” on Soundcloud or purchase it through iTunes. Check our their tour dates on their website.

LITS Mix #4: Entropy

LITS Mix is a weekly mix of songs curated by our ears with your ears in mind. With so much music to listen to out there, we intend to showcase our favorite tunes in an easily digestible  manner, guiding you through the riff-raff to find the music. This week we present our fourth mix, a five song collection of old and new. Enjoy!

MP3: LITS Mix #4 – Entropy

(0:00 – 2:50) King Krule – Easy Easy
(2:50 – 5:45) Soda Bomb – I Wanna Die
(5:45 – 8:30) Sam Cooke – Chain Gang
(8:30 – 10:02) Safar Barlik – Bi Kaffeh
(10:02 – 13:47) Gogol Bordello – Dig Deep Enough

LITS Mix #3: Revival

LITS Mix is a weekly mix of songs curated by our ears with your ears in mind. With so much music to listen to out there, we intend to showcase our favorite tunes in an easily digestible  manner, guiding you through the riff-raff to find the music. This week we present our third mix, a six song collection of hip hop and indie tracks. You can stream the mix below.

(0:00 – 4:09) Keroscene Comic Book – “Side B”
(4:10 – 7:58) MF Doom – “Gas Drawls”
(7:59 – 12:21) Outkast – “Babylon”
(12:22 – 15:07) Modest Mouse – “Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat”
(15:08 – 19:54) Royal Bangs – “My Car is Haunted”
(19:55 – 26:05) Thee Oh Sees – “Putrifiers II”

Listen: Gogol Bordello – “Lost Innocent World”

Gypsy Punk band, Gogol Bordello, is set to release their sixth album Pura Vida Conspiracy on July 23rd. Gogol Bordello is not your everyday band. Rising from the New York underground scene, frontman Eugene Hutz hoped to mix his Gypsy heritage with an energetic punk style. Gogol Bordello has a very wide range, they can bring an electrifying stage presence or turn the volume down a bit and play a sweet acoustic set. Whether you feel like moshing in a giant pit of sweaty bodies or just head bobbing in the back, you’re bound to have a good time. I’ve found that the album work doesn’t always convey the intensity that they can bring to a live concert but the message the band hopes to convey through their work is always refreshing.   If you even slightly dig their recently released single “Lost Innocent World” it’s worth the effort to see them live.  Their summer tour dates are available through their website. You can also stream “Lost Innocent World” and “Maladrino”  below. Even if you don’t enjoy the music, you have to respect a man with a wonderful mustache.

Listen: Listener – “Eyes To The Ground For Change”

Talk Music band Listener is set to release their third LP, Time Is A Machine on June 18th. Listener is the work of Dan Smith, Christin Nelson, and Kris Rochelle. I’m really excited for this record; Wooden Heart, their previous record was just such a unique experience, filled with wonderful words and a instrumentally thin but well done piece. If you’ve never really checked out spoken word, Listener is a great introduction. They often sit in between a spoken word band with a post hardcore vibe. You can check out an interview with them here. Eyes To The Ground a track from their new record is currently available for free download through their website, along with an album presale and tour dates. I think it makes a perfect intro to the band. The guitar just feels so smooth throughout the entirety of the song, and Dan always has something interesting to say. You can also stream the track below.

Stream: Born Ruffians – “Needle”

Born Ruffians is an indie rock band out of Ontario, Canada. On April 16, they will be releasing their third LP, Birthmarks. Physical copies  are now available for pre-order through their website. Birthmarks steers away from the previously more dominant indie rock sound and presents a much more upbeat folk feel with momentary resemblances to Fleet Foxes. Their previous LP Say It, was a beautiful indie record filled with sweet melody and a groovy riffs. With an alter in the vocal ranges of lead singer  Luke Lalonde, I’ve become were interested in their progression. You can stream and download “Needle” below, a track that is featured on their upcoming record. Following the release, Born Ruffians will be going on a US tour. Dates and tickets are available on their website or soundcloud. Needless to say, these guys are well deserving of a listen. Check them out.


Stream: T.E.A.M.S – Sierra City Center (Diamond Club)

In late February T.E.A.M.S released a new album, Sierra City Center (Diamond Club). T.E.A.M.S is the psychedelic/lo-fi project of Sean Bowie. The project shows a lot of similarities to Walsh, through the electronic vibes that have a really soothing yet dazed feeling, which is most apparent in the title track. Although this record is far from a copy of Walsh, it has a very psychedelic and abstract presence in songs like When Jesus Talks To Me and Yuba. This record is ultimately a challenging yet fun listen, with a relatively individualistic sound at times. The record is available for purchase through their Bandcamp page, or you can stream it below.

Listen: Devendra Banhart – “Never Seen Such Good Things”

Folk artist Devendra Banhart will release his eighth studio album, Mala, on March 5 through his own label Nonesuch. Banhart uses a mixture of both English and Spanish throughout his soft and smooth folk melodies. From the three tracks that have been released so far, it appears Banhart has shifted to a much more instrumentally sound style. The record feels a lot less raw than previous albums, such as Cripple Crow. This may be a result of the old Hip-hop recorder used for this album, although his sound has ultimately progressed in a subtle way. The album is currently available for pre-order on his website, and you can stream “Never Seen Such Good Things” below.

1. Golden Girls
2. Daniel
3. Für Hildegard von Bingen
4. Never Seen Such Good Things
5. Mi Negrita
6. Your Fine Petting Duck
7. The Ballad of Keenan Milton
8. A Gain
9. Won’t You Come Over?
10. Cristobal
11. Hatchet Wound
12. Mala
13. Won’t You Come Home
14. Taurobolium

Stream: Cool Serbia – “Kill Someone”


Cool Serbia is three piece Noise-pop band out of Brooklyn. They formed in 2010 and over the past year have been touring throughout the East Coast. There was a bit of buzz about these guys, yet I could never get my hands on any of their material. I eventually came to the realization that they had not actually released any material. Kill Someone is the only song I’ve ever managed to find, it’s got a very jangly guitar vibe to it but in a loud shoegaze manor.  On March 5th they are going to release their first EP, pre-orders are available now through their bandcamp. It’s said that the band will tour the US after the release, yet dates don’t seem to be public. Check out their Facebook for more information. Kill Someone can be streamed below and will be featured on the EP.

Listen: Future Islands – “The Definitive Collection” LP

Future Island
Future Islands recently released a double LP collection. This collection compiles all of their music from 2003-2005 when they were known as Art Lord & the Self-Portraits. The LP includes downloads for all four original albums, mastered LP tracks, 2 early live shows, rare demos, “Sad Apples, Dance!” a compilation track. The LP is limited to 1,000 copies and is currently available on their website.


– Side A
1. I’m the Law (live)
2. Art School Dropout (live)
3. Too Many Artists (live)
4. Little Line Drawing (live)
5. (We’re in the Same) Bubble Baby
– Side B
6. Skeleton
7. Bouncing Away
8. Self-Portrait Anthem
9. Galapogos Wasteland
10. Bowl of Cherries
– Side C
11. Lantern Sigh
12. Street Pharaoh
13. We Were Flames
14. Pineapple Smiles
15. Let’s all cut our hair the same & ride around in a Le Sabre
– Side D
17. Pyramids
18. I, I, I
19. City’s An Animal
20. Death Too Prou