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Listen: Delta Will – “It All Glows”

Delta Will
Delta Will is a visitor from outer space who’s become fascinated with humans and their traditions of folk, blues and pop music. Charles Tilden has been kind enough to lend him his body so he can create his own musical experiments. Delta Will’s latest batch of songs was recorded with producer Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Tokyo Police Club, Snowblink). You can stream the title track off of the EP, It All Glows below.

Tilden’s words about the release, “My first recording on Earth was released on floppy disk and I was surprised to find out how quickly these objects had become obsolete. The newest recording is available on wav and mp3. I look forward to seeing how long before they become obsolete.” If you like what you hear the full EP arrives October 22nd. To stay up to date follow Delta Will on Facebook and Twitter!

Show Dates:
OCT 15 – 22 // HALIFAX // TBA

All-In-One Electro with DeckaJam


Enjoy listening to mesmerizing trance, bass-kicking dubstep, and eargasmic D&B? How about mixing all of those together, dropping a few extra instruments in the mix, and topping the cauldron off with a female vocalist? If you like that description, good on you; and if it doesn’t seem to catch your fancy, it’s about to.

DJ Kevin Thorpe aka Kevin Energy, who is a recipient of UK’s “Best Hard Dance DJ”, owns a record company that has released over 500 EPs, and guitarist/pianist Nick Sanett, who has played in several bands and currently is working on a solo project called “Nick 235,” have struck gold with their unique electronic project DeckaJam. Riding along the veins of popular EDM artists such as Nero, Chase & Status, and The Prodigy, this duo has the sound that can potentially take the electronic music industry by storm.

Taken from their biography on Onesheet, “DeckaJam encompasses all forms of dance music both mainstream and underground. The band aims to explore all forms of party music as part of their journey, so you can expect to hear a wide range of sounds with one thing in common – an intent to rock crowds at live parties!” And the balance is perfect – dubstep and drum & bass hits you at all the right times, while the transitions to softer, smoother, and more melodic phrases are spot on.

The duo has over sixteen years of experience in the music world, slowly earning their place in multiple genres and industries. Teamed up with other musicians such as Rhona, Jones 2.0, and Laura Bayston, DeckaJam has already spit out several sick tunes, and more is sure to follow.

DeckaJam have recently teamed up with Infectious Magazine in an effort to, much deservedly, become more well-known on a global scale. If you liked what you heard in the above videos, be sure to check out their other songs on their Youtube and Soundcloud channels; also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Watch: Linkin Park + Steve Aoki – “A Light That Never Comes”

Linkin Park/Steve Aoki
Influential band Linkin Park have recently released a single, featuring DJ and EDM legend Steve Aoki, entitled “A Light That Never Comes.” The song mixes rock, rap, and electronic themes to yet again re-innovate the veteran outfit’s sound. While the song existed for some time as an unlockable in Linkin Park’s game LP Recharge, today marks the official release of the song in advent of their upcoming remix album, Recharged, set for release October 29th.

Regarding the state of electronic music, band member Mike Shinoda said, “I think that EDM is at a place where it can either repeat itself, stay kind of stagnant and eventually get boring, or people can do what Steve is doing, what Avicii [in “Wake Me Up”] is doing, what a lot of these other guys are doing and start experimenting and taking chances.”

As of what we might see on Recharged, Shinoda revealed that “A Light That Never Comes” won’t be the only electro-rock hybrid the band is planning on releasing. “The album will have remixes from Datsik, Killsonik, and there’s a remix of the Aoki song by Rick Rubin [one of the most influential record producers] himself. Rick doesn’t usually make a track, he produces stuff for other people, so this is a really special thing. I’m really excited about it.”

Stream the Youtube video for “A Light That Never Comes” below:

Stream: Morgan Doctor – “West Coast”

Morgan Doctor Press

Drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Morgan Doctor released her third studio album titled Minor Over Major earlier this year. The release is her first full instrumental album and despite the absence of lyrics, it is her most revealing.

In her own words about the album, “This album is definitely my most personal album to date. During the creation of it, I spent so much time alone, more than I ever had before in my life.  When I work with vocalists I tend to let them write the lyrics, I wanted this record to be an album between the music and me. The music really reflected that time of me being solo.”

You can stream West Coast, a track off of her new album below and check out her Bandcamp page to listen or purchase her discography. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and visit her website too!

Stream: MGMT – “Self-Titled”

MGMT Press
Electronic psychedelic duo MGMT are set to release their self-titled third album on the 17th of September. Courtesy of Rdio, you can stream the entire album below. (You have to be subscribed before you can listen!) In addition to the stream there is also an “immersive audio and visual experience” to accompany the whole album titled “The Optimizer” created by Alejandro Crawford. It’s similar to the iTunes visualizer but a lot better. The release was recorded at Tarbox Road Studios, and produced by Dave Fridmann who worked on both of their previous albums. Stream it below and be sure to pre-order the album on iTunes digitally or here for other formats and merchandise.

My Favorite Robot’s “Atomic Age”

My Favorite Robot Press
The Toronto based trio, My Favorite Robot comprised of James Teej, Jared Simms and Voytek Korab run a highly successful label and act as a production outfit. They have a strong connection with No. 19 Music that stretches back to the formative days for both, when a shared office in Toronto provided the base for both outfits. Now, with both camps dominating the world stage it makes for the most natural of partnerships for the new My Favorite Robot album to find a home with the irrepressible No.19 Music. Their new album Atomic Age will be available on the 16th of September with the track-list available below. For more information check out their website and Facebook page.

01. The Circus
02. Here Tonight
03. Looking For Frost
04. Ride
05. Space Capsule
06. Missing Time feat. Chloe
07. Home feat. Clayton Steele
08. The Walk
09. Centreofattentionaut
10. Atomic Age
11. Sharpest Tongue
12. The War To End All Wars

Stream: Madeon – “Technicolor”

Madeon Press
About a week ago, electronic musician Madeon released a teaser to his then-upcoming single, Technicolor, revealing little besides promising beats and an enticing tune. Today, the wait ends: Madeon has officially released on his Youtube the full song available for free streaming. The epic piece elapses six minutes and twelve seconds and is more than definitely worth a listen to, EDM fanatic or not!

Regarding the piece, Madeon wrote, “I’ve been working on it for a while. My goal was to tell a story through dance music using a longer structure than what I’ve done before.” You can stream it via Youtube or Beatport, or you can listen to the embed Soundcloud below:

Watch: Madeon – “Technicolor Teaser”

Electronic artist Madeon has recently released a 52-second teaser video for his upcoming song Technicolor, the first solo work from the prodigal French musician since The City last October. Similar to his teasers before, Madeon ends the video right before the real beats kick in, but it’s enough to tell that the song’s sound will be just as strong, if not stronger, than his earlier work. There is currently no release date information for Technicolor, but for the time being you can watch the teaser below:


Watch: What Model Citizens – “Coming For Me”

What Model Citizens
Electroclash outfit, What Model Citizens have released a new video for their latest single, Coming For Me. The project consists of songwriter Alex Musto, and was created towards the end of 2009 as a means of exploring noise and feedback-heavy music grounded by a foundation in synth-rock. The video itself is quite odd and induces a sense of paranoia, but it’s definitely worth a watch and was shot at Bizarre Bar, Silent Barn, and various neighbourhoods around Brooklyn, NY. Coming For Me is the latest single in advance of a full-length album coming out later this fall. You can pick up his latest track along with the rest of his discography on What Model CitizensBandcamp page.

Listen: Kodacrome – “Strike The Gold”


Kodacrome is an electronic duo comprised of Elissa (vocals/synth) and Ryan (synth/electronics). The pair crafts fragmented pop with a warm electronic pulse, that features swells and lead lines which ring from synths and throats, alike. They harbor deep love for melodic composition, as well as the gorgeous dynamics of analog electronics. Kodacrome self released their debut EP Perla, in March 2012, which is available to stream below. The duo have now released the first single off of their upcoming album. You can download their new track titled Strike The Gold here. For more information check out their Facebook page and website.