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Download: Hodgy Beats – Untitled EP

Odd Future‘s Hodgy Beats just released his previously announced Untitled EP, a free nine-track EP from the steadily improving rapper with production from industry legends like The Alchemist and Flying Lotus. You can grab the entire thing on Odd Future’s store or through this direct link. For a quick preview, you can hit up the three MP3s below.

MP3: Hodgy Beats – “Bullshittin’ (produced by Juicy J)”
MP3: Hodgy Beats – “Samurai (produced by Jonti Danimals)”
MP3: Hodgy Beats –  “If Heaven Is A Ghetto (produced by Thelonious Martin)”

Next up for the California rap collective is their second group compilation, OF Tape Vol. 2, which will be out March 20th via Odd Future Records.

Untitled EP Tracklisting:
01. Bullshittin’ (produced by Juicy J)
02. Cookie Coma (produced by The Alchemist)
03. Lately (produced by Flying Lotus)
04. Samurai (produced by Jonti Danimals)
05. In A Dream (produced by The Alchemist)
06. Ave. (produced by Thelonious Martin)
07. Lamented (produced by Flying Lotus)
08. If Heaven Is A Ghetto (produced by Thelonious Martin)
09. Higashi Loves You

Odd Future Release Tracklist and Covers for OF Tape Vol. 2

Odd Future‘s second collective album, OF Tape Vol. 2, will be out March 20th via their own Odd Future Records and today we get our first look at its 18-track-long tracklist and its four covers (shown above). Featuring no outside guest verses, OF Tape Vol. 2 includes new material from every Odd Future member except for Earl Sweatshirt, who recently made his long-awaited return home from Samoa.

Before that album drops however, we’ll first get new material from the gradually improving Hodgy Beats, who just announced that his new Untitled EP features production from Flying Lotus, the Alchemist, Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia, and Thelonious Martin and will be out this Friday.

OF Tape Vol. 2:

01 Hi.
02 Bitches [ft. Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats]
03 NY (Ned Flander) [ft. Hodgy Beats, and Tyler, the Creator]
04 Ya Know [ft. the Internet]
05 Forest Green [ft. Mike G]
06 Lean [ft. Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis]
07 Analog 2 [ft. Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Syd tha Kyd]
08 50 [ft. MellowHype]
09 Snow White [ft. Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean]
10 Rella [ft. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Tyler, the Creator]
11 Real Bitch [ft. MellowHype and Taco]
12 P [ft. Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator]
13 White [ft. Frank Ocean]
14 Hcapd [ft. Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, and Tyler, the Creator]
15 Sam (Is Dead) [ft. Domo Genesis and Tyler, the Creator]
16 Doms [ft. Domo Genesis]
17 We Got Bitches [ft. Tyler, the Creator, Taco, and Jasper Dolphin]
18 Oldie [ft. Odd Future]

Watch: OFWGKTA – “Rella”

Check out a new music video from Los Angeles based hip hop collective Odd Future for their song “Rella”, which features Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and production by Left Brain. The video comes chock full of funky wigs, samurai space suits, and laser transforming genitalia and is in promotion for the group’s next release, OF Tape Vol. 2, which will be coming out March 20th through their own Odd Future Records.

Also coming up for the crew is the premiere of their own TV show on Adult Swim, Loiter Squad. The show will premiere five days after their new tape on March 25th, and you can check out a teaser over at World Star Hip Hop.

Listen: Mike G – “Chevron” (Prod. Hodgy Beats)



Mike G is often overlooked in the Odd Future family, especially considering his laid back attitude and calm, chill flow. He’s definitely one of the group’s more talented rappers though, and he proves this on a brand new track entitled “Chevron”. Posted on the Odd Future Twitter account, the new track is produced by fellow member Hodgy Beats (who knew Hodgy produced too?) and features Mike spitting some sweet rhymes. Don’t sleep on this one.

MP3: Mike G – “Chevron” (Prod. Hodgy Beats)


“Chevron” will be released on Mike G’s forthcoming Award Tour EP.

Watch: Mellowhype – “64”

The Odd Future group Mellowhype, composed of rapper Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain, have released their first ever music video, set to the previously unreleased “64”. Last year, the duo released their sophomore full length BlackenedWhite on their Tumblr, which will now be rereleased physically by Fat Possum on July 12th. The new reissue is revamped with new artwork and new songs, one of which is the aforementioned “64”. Check out the new tracklisting and the music video below.


01 Primo
02 Gunsounds
03 Brain (feat. Domo Genesis)
04 64
05 Loaded (feat. Mike G)
06 Deaddeputy
07 Right Here
08 Igotagun
09 Fuck The Police (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
10 Rico (feat. Frank Ocean)
11 Circus

Review: Tyler, The Creator – Goblin

Tyler, The Creator – Goblin

Released: May 10, 2011
Label: XL Recordings
Purchase: iTunes | Insound | Amazon

Fame is a rather unfortunate phenomenon, an idea that rapper Tyler, The Creator certainly understands. The past few months have been a whirlwind ride for Tyler and his Odd Future friends, from Tyler and Hodgy Beats’s fear-inducing performance on Jimmy Fallon to the formation of the group’s own Odd Future Records record label. Goblin, Tyler’s first official release on a record label, has been surrounded by an incredible amount of hype, blowing up the blogosphere and getting Tyler, as he puts it on the first song, “cosigns from rappers that I don’t even like.” This hype and the young rapper’s sudden exposure to fame undoubtedly affected the creative process Goblin, but is it for the better?

Unfortunately, no. Although Goblin features a much-improved Tyler – in terms of both lyricism and storytelling – the fame that Tyler is dealing with hinders the album and restricts his creativity, causing the album to fall well short of his first release, BastardGoblin, to put it simply, is weighed down by the burden of matching the massive hype and pressure surrounding it. In the days of Bastard, Tyler made music for himself, something he has stated in the past and again brings up on opening track “Goblin”, but now, his music is no longer just for him; whether he likes it or not, he has become a sort of cult hero and his music is as much for them as it is for himself.

His fans aren’t the only ones listening to his music, however. Because of his naturally dark subject material, Tyler is forced to qualify his lyrics, spending a large chunk of the album pointing out that his stories of killing and misbehavior are in fact stories. On “Radicals”, Tyler opens with the lines “Don’t do anything that I say in this song. It’s [expletive] fiction. If anything happens, don’t [expletive] blame me, white America.” For all intents and purposes, Tyler can be compared to a young Eminem, albeit one who is way more apologetic.

Apologies, precautions, and qualifications aside, the lyricism on Goblin shows a natural progression from the days of The Odd Future TapeBastard, and even last year’s Radical. He’s still an angsty, obsessed teenager with numerous problems and his favorite target is still his missing father. The one problem, however, is how erratically hit-and-miss his lyrical style can be, leading to the inconsistency of the entire album, one of the main flaws of the album. Goblin contains a few very good songs, but also a handful of very bad ones.

When Tyler is on his A-game, he is, in fact, a “walking paradox.” As Wolf Haley, he spins tales of misogyny, juxtaposing with Tyler’s vulnerability in his personal search for love; Wolf Haley commands his “Wolf Gang” followers to revolt against everything, while Tyler worries that people may blame him for others’ wrongdoings. The only problem is, cringe-worthy moments like the muddled “Radicals”, the utterly boring “Fish”, the swag-rap tribute “Bitch Suck Dick”, and the incredibly tedious posse-cut “Window” weigh down the album, especially due to the album’s length — 74 minutes of Tyler’s minimal beats, variety of voices, and Dr. TC-framed-dialogue.

Goblin is essentially and fundamentally very similar to his first album Bastard, featuring Tyler discussing his life problems with his counselor Dr. TC. The production is also incredibly similar; Tyler’s never been lavish with his beats, electing to take a minimal, jarring style similar to that of his idols The Neptunes. Unfortunately, his beats begin to bore as the album drags along, showing that Tyler still has plenty of room to grow. To put it simply, his other beats pale in comparison to the masterful, eerie beat of “Yonkers”.

Goblin, in essence, is a strong effort by the nineteen-year-old rapper. He provides an ominous yet introspective look into his life, showing that he is not entirely as indestructible as he seems. While it may not have lived up to the hype, Tyler and Odd Future are still breaking new ground with Goblin, building a huge following of extremely dedicated and loyal fans who will no doubt eat this release up.


Standout Tracks: “Yonkers”, “She (feat. Frank Ocean)”, “Tron Cat”, and “Golden”

Odd Future Debut New Songs “Analog” and “65” On BBC

Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats of OFWGKTA dropped by the Maida Vale Studios earlier today with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. While there, they performed “Sandwitches” and debuted MellowHype‘s new song “65”, as well as “Analog”, a brand new song from Tyler’s forthcoming album Goblin. The new song features Hodgy Beats and is the latest song to surface from the rapper’s second album and the collective’s first official release. You can listen to the entire session here or check out “Analog” below, courtesy of Some Kind of Awesome.

Goblin is set for a May 10th release via XL Recordings. Check out the tracklisting below.

Goblin Tracklist:
01. Goblin
02. Yonkers
03. Radicals
04. She
05 Transylvania
06. Nightmare
07. Tron Cat
08. Her
09. Sandwitches
10. Fish
11. Analog
12. BSD
13. Window
14. AU79
15. Golden

Listen: Tyler, the Creator – “Tron Cat”

The third song to drop from Tyler, the Creator‘s highly-anticipated sophomore LP Goblin is “Tron Cat”, following “Sandwitches” with fellow OFWGKTA member Hodgy Beats and the viral hit “Yonkers”. The new song, which was first previewed along with the album cover here, is a standard Tyler cut, featuring an ominous, yet surprisingly simple beat and his signature twisted rhymes. You can listen to the song below.

Goblin will be released on May 10th via XL Recordings.

Goblin Tracklist:
01. Goblin
02. Yonkers
03. Radicals
04. She
05 Transylvania
06. Nightmare
07. Tron Cat
08. Her
09. Sandwitches
10. Fish
11. Analog
12. BSD
13. Window
14. AU79
15. Golden

MellowHype Sign to Fat Possum

MellowHype (the collaborative project of OFWGKTA‘s Hodgy Beats and Left Brain) have signed to Fat Possum Records. Their second album, BlackenedWhite, will be remixed and remastered with new material for a physical release on CD and Vinyl this summer.

With Tyler, The Creator signed to XL Recordings and now MellowHype on Fat Possum, 2011 should be a huge year for the young rap collective.

Odd Future (OFWGKTA) Perform on Fallon and More

joomplu:154This week has been huge for the OFWGKTA crew; if you aren’t yet familar with this exciting young rap collective, make some time to check them out. Just a few days ago, leader Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats made their television debuts on Jimmy Fallon, enthralling and scaring Fallon and his audience with their performance of “Sandwitches” backed by The Roots. Swag? Mos Def certainly agrees: “SWAAAAG!” Watch Tyler and Hodgy tear it up, as well as more Odd Future news below.

On Monday, Tyler announced his signing with XL Recordings, where he will be releasing his upcoming albumGoblin. The eerie, black-and-white music video for first single “Yonkers” was also released this week.

Mellowhype, the collaborative group of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, have announced that their next album will be titled Numbers.

That’s not all though. Odd Future’s resident R&B man Frank Ocean has released his new album Nostalgia for free download here. The album highlights the incredible diversity of Odd Future. The album is unbelievably smooth and even features a Coldplay sample.