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Stream: Madeon – “Technicolor”

Madeon Press
About a week ago, electronic musician Madeon released a teaser to his then-upcoming single, Technicolor, revealing little besides promising beats and an enticing tune. Today, the wait ends: Madeon has officially released on his Youtube the full song available for free streaming. The epic piece elapses six minutes and twelve seconds and is more than definitely worth a listen to, EDM fanatic or not!

Regarding the piece, Madeon wrote, “I’ve been working on it for a while. My goal was to tell a story through dance music using a longer structure than what I’ve done before.” You can stream it via Youtube or Beatport, or you can listen to the embed Soundcloud below:

Watch: Madeon – “Technicolor Teaser”

Electronic artist Madeon has recently released a 52-second teaser video for his upcoming song Technicolor, the first solo work from the prodigal French musician since The City last October. Similar to his teasers before, Madeon ends the video right before the real beats kick in, but it’s enough to tell that the song’s sound will be just as strong, if not stronger, than his earlier work. There is currently no release date information for Technicolor, but for the time being you can watch the teaser below:


Listen: Madeon – “The City”

Madeon, the extremely skillful 18 year old producer from France, has been blowing up with his music recently. “Finale” was featured in an Olympic commercial and his remix to “Raise Your Weapon” by Deadmau5 when he was just 16 years old was acclaimed by Deadmau5 himself. Now, Madeon releases a new track featuring singing from Zak Waters (if you haven’t heard him before listen to “Skinny Dipping in the Deep End” because he’s a talented artist as well). Madeon’s new track “The City” has his signature style to it — ever since I found him 2 years ago, I have not once been disappointed by one of his tracks. This is definitely going to become one of Madeon’s breakthrough songs, with both passionate singing and stellar production from the maestro.


Listen: The Knocks – “The Feeling”

The Knocks have already brought us huge hits like “Brightside” and “Dancing With The DJ”, and now, they bless us with yet another uplifting summer song. The Knocks are known for releasing catchy songs that are remixed by famous artists around the world and the likes of Madeon, Chiddy Bang, TheFatRat, and Xaphoon Jones have all taken a turn. The version of “The Feeling” below is the original from The Knocks, but I’m sure someone is going to end up remixing it into a club anthem.

“The Feeling” sees The Knocks changing their style a bit compared to their previous song by adding a glitchier sound to the drop, but they still have a catchy beat that we will all enjoy listening to. Check it out for yourself below.