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Sigur Rós Announce New Album

According to this tumblr post and these Q magazine scans, icelandic post rock band Sigur Rós will be back again this year with their sixth studio album, Valtari. The album title itself translates to “steamroller”, which seems to coincide with previous comments by the band calling the album “ambient” and “introverted”. Valtari will be released May 28th through Smeklleysa (Bad Taste), and will be produced by Alex Somers (of Jónsi and Alex). Check out the tracklisting for the album below:

Valtari Tracklisting:

01 Ég Anda (“I Breathe”)
02 Ekki Múkk (“Not a Peep”)
03 Varúð (“Caution”)
04 Rembihnútur (“Double Knot”)
05 Dauðalogn (“Dead Calm”)
06 Varðeldur (“Campfire”)
07 Valtari (“Roller”)

Watch: Jónsi – Gathering Stories

Jónsi has released the music video for “Gathering Stories”, which was written for the We Bought a Zoo OST. The movie We Bought a Zoo, starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, came out in theaters on December 23 and its director, Cameron Crowe, specifically asked Jónsi to do the soundtrack. We Bought a Zoo OST (which you can buy here) features new original music, old songs by Sigur Rós, and songs from Jónsi’s debut solo album, Go. Watch the video for “Gathering Stories” below:

MiaoMix Monday #2 [Post-Rock]

Last week’s MiaoMix was full of electro party songs, so this time I made a more chill mix to listen to. This week, I put together a post-rock playlist. For people who are not familiar with the genre, post-rock is similar to rock but it ignores the typical song structure that rock music has. Most post-rock songs rely on quiet arpeggios and simple chord progressions which build up to powerful crescendos. Most songs are also instrumental, so this music is great for studying. Listen to the playlist below. (Some songs are really long. Sorry.)

miaou – “Intro”
Sigur Rós – “Hoppípolla”
The Calm Blue Sea – “We Happy Few”
múm – “Green Grass of Tunnel”
This Will Destroy You – “Quiet”
Mogwai – “Auto Rock”
pg.lost – “Yes I Am”
Explosions in the Sky – “So Long, Lonesome”

Jónsi Will Go Live

Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi, who released his solo record Go this year, will now release a two-disc live CD package titled Go Live. Included will be live film recordings and a live album comprised of 14 recordings from concerts played in Belgium and England. Purchasing details are here and read more to check out the track lists.

Go Live Tracklist:
01. Hengilás
02. Icicle Sleeves
03. Kolniður
04. Tornado
05. Sinking Friendships
06. Go Do
07. Boy Lilikoi
08. New Piano Song
09. Around Us
10. Volume Pedal Song
11. Grow Till Tall

Filmed live at 3 mills studios, London, March 26th 2010.

01. Stars in Still Water *
02. Hengilás
03. Icicle Sleeves
04. Kolniður
05. Tornado
06. Sinking Friendships
07. Saint Naive
08. Go Do
09. Boy Lilikoi
10. Animal Arithmetic
11. New Piano Song *
12. Around Us
13. Sticks & Stones *
14. Grow Till Tall

Recorded live at Ancienne Belgique, Belgium, May 29th 2010, except * recorded at the Dome, Brighton, September 14th 2010.