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Listen: Japanese Gum – “Homesick”

Japanese Gum Press

Italian electronic psychedelia outfit Japanese Gum known for their heavy use of soothing vocals and dreamy loops, have unveiled a new single titled Homesick from their forthcoming album ‘High Dreams’. Supporting the likes of Teen Daze, Selebrities and Prince Rama over the past year, and touring both Europe and America, this eclectic duo turned trio have been busy performing their brand of experimental electronic music.

Japanese Gum’s new single “Homesick” is layered with ethereal echoed sounds, hypnotic vocals, a medley of different percussion, and synthesizers creating a celestial shoegazing soundscape. Their new album ‘High Dreams’ will be available on December 2nd 2013 from all good digital stores. A 12” vinyl version of the album will also be released in early January. For more information “like” them on Facebook and check out their website. To download some of their past releases visit their Bandcamp and stream the new single below!

Listen: Teen Daze – “Glacier”

Teen Daze - Glacier

Ambient electronic artist Teen Daze out of Abbotsford, BC, Canada earlier this week released Glacier. At forty three minutes long, this mesmerizing album takes you on a sonic journey through every aspect of droning ambient music; serene synthesizers, sparingly used airy vocals, field recordings, and drum loops.

“As 2012 came to a close, Teen Daze entered a state of repose. He chose the company of insular, droning ambient music. He wrote new material, and for the first time he found the process not to be a means of escape or refuge. Rather than imagining an outward utopia, or seeking an inward sanctuary, he simply engaged his work with his reality, his physical world. . . . The album’s fixation on manifesting physicality translates to being a highly performative production. The role of live instruments, field recordings, and general human presence is evident in these songs, just as millennia-old organisms lay suspended in a frozen core. This was a deliberate choice; Teen Daze plans to tour in support of the release for the first time as a full band—essentially to actualize Glacier in the physical world.”

To be a part of this actualization check out Teen Daze’s tour of North America as well as his three shows in Japan. In addition to the album, Jamison created a music video for the track Listen which you can watch here. Pick up the album in its entirety on Lefse Records’ Bandcamp page. Glacier is now also available through iTunes, and you can stream it below!

Listen: Teen Daze – “The House On The Mountain”

Teen Daze
Teen Daze, ambient pop solo project, two days ago put out a four track EP titled The House On The Mountain. It was recorded last month on the side of Sumas Mountain, in Jamison’s hometown of Abbotsford, BC. The four unrivalled songs other than including the expected instruments also contain a medley of sampled kitchen ware instruments, which you can listen to the result of below.

Jamison’s words about the release, “I would spend the day putting together the beat, and after a morning in the kitchen, I would ask my roommate David (also the bass/guitar player for the live Teen Daze band you’ll be seeing later this year) to just improvise over-top of the beat. I’d sample his playing, and a quick mix later, we had a song. Then we’d usually go eat pizza and talk about video games. I’m lucky to have such a talented friend, and I’m sure this won’t be the last collaboration you’ll hear between us.” You can pick up this EP from his Bandcamp Page with all the proceeds going towards his wedding budget. For more information about Teen Daze check out his official website and Facebook page.