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Interview: Ace Enders

We had the chance to talk with Ace Enders (The Early NovemberAce Enders and a Million Different PeopleI Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business) about his Kickstarter project. We also discussed his future goals, his new album, touring possibilities, and thoughts on the music industry. He was clearly very passionate about his new projects and his goals. You can support his Kickstarter project here.

LitS: Where did you get the idea for the Kickstarter project?

Ace: I guess just the separation between the supporters and musicians. I remember starting at a young age sort of seeing how the community was and what not, how the music scene has sort of changed. I think it’s the idea that came from all that, and making it more of a community-type thing. Now with the Kickstarter funding, it’s going to be our new thing that we’re pushing and I’m really excited about the whole new program that we’re about to start, that we’re going to unveil this week. It’s going to be pretty interesting, I think.

LitS: So you’ve already reached $20,000. Did you expect this project to be this successful?

Ace: No, I certainly did not. I thought we were going to come right down to the end trying to reach our goal, but I definitely didn’t expect it. I’m really, really just blown away. Every time I see it my breath is taken away a little bit. I’m like wow; I can’t believe we’re actually going to have a good shot at making this work. (more…)