Back to School Mix

It’s a new school year for me and that normally means a lot of new music. I like to try and switch it up every year, always exploring different stuff. While there are some favorites, like Coma Cinema, that I’ll probably never stop listening to, there are other bands that I have grown out and thus they must be replaced.

I’m quite awful at stringing a bunch of songs together that flow well, or that even correlate with genre. In my mind it’s all about being open minded and just experiencing different music, the flow of the mix shouldn’t really matter.

01. “Something Soon” – Car Seat Headrest
02. “Twenty Seven” – Why?
03. “Strangers” – Car Seat Headrest
04. “Frequency II” – Unouomedude
05. “Sometime” – Diiv
06. “How To Cook Everything” – Those Lavender Whales
07. “White Trash VHS” – Coma Cinema
08. “Grim Reaper” – Teen Suicide
09. “Sidewalk” – Tearjerker
10. “Rare” – Tearjerker

Goblin Problems from fanfare909 on 8tracks Radio.


Mix: Every Day I’m Studying

Finals are rolling around the bend for me. While it’s very likely that I won’t study for the majority of my finals, I have to deceive myself into thinking I might actually work.

I personally have to listen to music while I study; despite all of the research that proves this is a terrible habit, it’s the only way I can focus. Instead, I try to keep the songs light and keep out upbeat songs or things that have a beat to them. Lyrics also really distract me at times because they can just be so catchy. Here’s a few songs put together for your studying with no real intended flow to the mix.

Study All Day from fanfare909 on 8tracks.

Who doesn’t appreciate a good wolf picture?

Blog Tapes: The Coachella Mix

[Blog Tapes] – Coachella from metrojolt on 8tracks.

About a year ago, some of us blogger folk decided to band together for a series of Monday Mixer playlists. We’ve proudly joined forces again to restart the series – bigger and better than ever before. Blog Tapes, the new mixtape collective featuring our favorite music blogs on the Internet today, kicks off today with its very first mixtape: 8 hand-picked songs from artists that are all playing at this year’s Coachella festival. Give it a listen above!

DJ Shadow – “Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt”

It’s rare in music for something to completely transcend the strict boundary lines that separate genre from genre. For some reason, we feel the need to box what we listen to into such explicit categories that we’ve even created subgenres within genres and so on. Dream-pop? Surf-rock? Seriously? Since stunning audiences with 1996?s Endtroducing….., the very first album to be recorded using only sampled sounds, DJ Shadow has somehow managed to consistently avoid being defined by labels. By blending songs from all areas of the musical spectrum, DJ Shadow’s sample-heavy music is a fantastic look into the world of music that doesn’t have to be classified to be enjoyed. Seriously. – Frank @ Lost In The Sound

The Head and the Heart – “No One To Let You Down”

I’ve been a fan of this Seattle band for awhile. They’ve only released their debut album but they have a treasure trove of unreleased materials like “No One To Let You Down” to listen to and fall in love with. – Ian @ 1146 Miles

Grouplove – “Colours”

I thank my sister for my love of Grouplove, the 7? of Colours was a birthday present from her, chosen because of it’s excellent cover. Anyone heading to Coachella needs to put these guys near the top of their lists if only for the huge rolling choruses which have the noise of Doolittle-era Pixies and the energy of any festival headline act. The outro alone is made for mud-spattered singalong sunsets. –Marcus @ A Pocket Full Of Seeds

Oberhofer – “Gotta Go”

Brad Oberhofer deals in sun-ripened throwback fuzz-pop that is practically tailor made for singing along to in big crowds. You bet your ass I will be up in the mix belting out all the big “OOoohhs” during “Gotta Go.” In fact, the whole jam is prime sing along material. It’s Oberhofer’s thing. A handful of other Oberhofer gems are kicking around the internet and debut LP Time Capsules II is out now. If you don’t know these guys then skip the pool on Sunday and get to the Mojave Stage at 1:10 to join the sing along! – Brandon @ The Burning Ear

We Were Promised Jetpacks – “Act On Impulse”

Scotland has always had a rich heritage of music, but it is the emotive and fierce We We Promised Jetpacks that are carrying the Saltire with pride at the moment. The band have come a long way from their debut album, keeping the desperation and energy, but have now found a little warmth in their hearts as here in Act On Impulse. – Tim @ The Blue Walrus

Keep Shelly In Athens – “Hauntin’ Me”

One of last year’s discoveries that I’ve been keeping an eye on has to be Greece’s Keep Shelly In Athens. Seemingly coming out of nowhere to making it to the Coachella stage in the matter of a year, their set is sure to bring the perfect early afternoon vibes to the early afternoon crowd. I only hope I can drag myself to the fest early enough to see them myself. – Chris @ dailybeatz

Death Grips – “I’ve Seen Footage”

I’m not going to Coachella but if there’s one act I’d rush to see in a festival setting it would be Death Grips. The trio twist punk, hardcore and hip-hip into antagonizing soundscapes fit for a slaughterhouse. Their rhythm and noise formula is a fist in the air, fuck the system blast of energy well-suited for losing your mind under the hot desert sun. Tear the tents down! – Veronica @ Cream Team

Kaskade – “Turn It Down”

It wasn’t a surprise to me that this year’s Coachella is heavily EDM. The somewhat underground movement have been brought to the main stage- plus a DJ is many times cheaper than a band so the decision makes a lot of sense economically. Kaskade is my favorite dance act of the festival. His Fire & Ice album, released back in October 2011, is the reason I’ve been dying to see him live ever since. – Ben @ The Metropolitan Jolt

Spring Break Hipster Trash Mix

As spring break rolled around this year, I realized that I would be stuck in the car for hours upon hours while visiting faraway relatives. To prepare myself and to make the trip much more fun, I compiled a short mix of songs that are almost appropriately considered “hipster trash.”

Enjoy, if your into that kind of stuff.

Valentine’s Day Mix

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Here’s a mix to listen to.


Steel Train – I Feel Weird

The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes

Rivers Cuomo – Lover in the Snow

Elliott Smith – Say Yes

Jimmy Eat World – Invented

The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

The Dangerous Summer – Reach For The Sun

Wilco – I’m Always In Love

Limbeck – I Wrote This Down

Girls – Saying I Love You

Cults – You Know What I Mean

The Format – Janet

Best Coast – Crazy For You

WZRD – Teleport 2 Me, Jame (Feat. Desire)