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Watch: Clockwork Noise – “The Tourists”

Clockwork Noise Press
Irish five-piece outfit Clockwork Noise are fascinated by juxtaposition – the marriage of quiet and loud, classical and contemporary, pretty and ugly, chaos and order. Their debut album Whethermachines is the culmination of a long journey exploring this concept. A large number of their songs evolved from two years of performing live, which spun into an intense pre-production phase, marshaled by Torsten Kinsella of God Is An Astronaut and finally after several years of experimentation nine tracks were cemented into place by Ivan Jackman of Silverline Studios. The last song of the full-length, “The Tourists” provides a good taster for the combination of all these ideas integrating a refined string section, frantic digital noise, delicate harmonising, intricate guitar work, and sincere vocals and lyrics. Watch the point of view music video for the track below. Stream their debut record on Soundcloud, download it for free on Bandcamp and check out their website for more information.