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Stream: Echotape – Sky Above Quarley Hill EP

Echotape, an upcoming British electronic indie rock band, have released their debut EP, Sky Above Quarley Hill which is available for streaming through Soundcloud. Along with this new release, Echotape have also recently teamed up with Chris Warsop to produce a music video for their single “Came Into My Blood” and announced new tour locations on their website spanning from throughout the UK to the US. Echotape’s EP definitely reflects their mission to produce songs that reflect their outlook and purpose. Each song on the release is flawlessly crafted with hauntingly beautiful lyrics and without a doubt, worth listening to.

You can stream Sky Above Quarley Hill and watch the video for “Came Into My Blood” below.

Listen: Echotape – “Came Into My Blood”

Echotape, a band that came together under a shared disillusionment that the vast majority of artists that presented themselves as “alternative” were, in fact, devoid of any discernible purpose or ambition beyond commercial or egotistic self-nourishment, have a four track EP scheduled for release later this year. Their first released track is called “Came Into My Blood” and it combines dream-like melodies, an upbeat rhythm similar to the Horrors, and passionate vocals. For their debut album, they have worked with legendary producer Youth (of Killing Joke fame) who has previously worked with the likes of The Verve, The Orb, and The Futureheads. They believe passionately in a more considered and coherent aesthetic mission, and so the band isolated themselves and wrote songs that reflected their convictions. I definitely recommend you check out Echotape, as they are on track to producing awe-inspiring music.