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Stream: Hooray! – bedhead remedy

Hooray! released their third album today entitled bedhead remedy. This album consists of ten perfectly crafted ambient tracks with a collaboration of noise, acoustic guitar, percussion loops, spoken-word, and synthesizers. For fans of shoegaze, this release is definitely worth checking out and is available for free download on Hooray!’s Bandcamp page.

In his words: “All my songs are made in one sitting. If they don’t get finished during that period of time, then they remain that way… (This makes for lots of unfinished/empty/demo-ish songs.) I like to think it’s not because of laziness, but because when I record a song it’s made purely from what I feel at that moment. And since I’m so all over the place and inconsistent with my thoughts & feelings that to try and revisit those feelings becomes nearly impossible. These songs are my attempt at capturing those feelings and thoughts and keeping them in a little jar. These songs are moments of my life that I’ll never get back.”

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