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Listen: Future Islands – “The Definitive Collection” LP

Future Island
Future Islands recently released a double LP collection. This collection compiles all of their music from 2003-2005 when they were known as Art Lord & the Self-Portraits. The LP includes downloads for all four original albums, mastered LP tracks, 2 early live shows, rare demos, “Sad Apples, Dance!” a compilation track. The LP is limited to 1,000 copies and is currently available on their website.


– Side A
1. I’m the Law (live)
2. Art School Dropout (live)
3. Too Many Artists (live)
4. Little Line Drawing (live)
5. (We’re in the Same) Bubble Baby
– Side B
6. Skeleton
7. Bouncing Away
8. Self-Portrait Anthem
9. Galapogos Wasteland
10. Bowl of Cherries
– Side C
11. Lantern Sigh
12. Street Pharaoh
13. We Were Flames
14. Pineapple Smiles
15. Let’s all cut our hair the same & ride around in a Le Sabre
– Side D
17. Pyramids
18. I, I, I
19. City’s An Animal
20. Death Too Prou

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