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Dredg Releases Fifth Album Tomorrow

Dredg will be releasing their fifth full-length album, Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy, on Tuesday, May 3rd via Superball Music. Not many of their fans know what to expect, for on their official website, it claims that, “this album is completely different from everything that dredg has done before.” Many have thought that it would be a continuance of their last album released in 2009, The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion, but dredg claims that there will be no doubt of surprise within the new album. It has been released in Europe throughout the past week, so some leaks may be available on the Internet, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to see what kind of change the band is talking about. Dredg is currently on this album’s promotional tour with The Dear HunterBalance and Composure, and The Trophy Fire.

Dredg Sign

Superball Music have signed Dredg. The band is currently finishing up their new album, which is scheduled for a Spring 2011 release. Read the press release here.