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Check Out: The Feeling of Love – “No Fun (The Stooges)”


joomplu:322French no-wavists The Feeling of Love serve up this clattering, droning cover of an old Stooges favorite. Depending on the ear of the beholder, it’s either a brilliant re-imagining of the Stooges ugly as sin proto-punk or a smart-arsed piss take. It’s a bit of a sonic wreck, despite the use of supposedly “flawless” electronics, but I’m sure Iggy wouldn’t have it any other way. Perfect mood music for those “tail end of summer “days when all you want to do is cover yourself in peanut butter, roll around lazily on some broken glass and then, I don’t know, age somewhat gracefully into a pint-sized rock icon with the physique of Mr. Universe runner-up and the face of a 75-year-old Russian peasant woman.

MP3: The Feeling of Love – “No Fun (The Stooges Cover)”

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