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Listen: Red Alder – “Empty Staircases”

Kelsie Brown, a Washington-based solo artist has put out her fourth and final release, “Empty Staircases”, under the new moniker, Red Alder. Red Alder produces ambient atmospheric music, with an influence from classical music which can be definitely heard while listening to her songs. The mood created from her music is unique as you seem to become emotionally gauged with it, as it draws you in.

As she says in her own words, “I put my soul into this album and I am so proud of what I have created and I can only hope that others appreciate it as well.” Fans of Ricky Eat Acid will definitely enjoy this release as it creates the same atmospheric vibes. You can listen to the new release below and download her entire discography on a “Name Your Price Basis” from her Bandcamp page.

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