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Listen: Wil Wagner – “Laika”

Wil Wagner
Pre-orders for Wil Wagner’s upcoming solo release Laika are now available from Poison City Records. Two out of the eight new tracks are available to listen on Poison City’s bandcamp page, including How They Made Us and the much anticipated Laika. The album was recorded in Tasmania in December of last year with producer and fellow Poison City artist Lincoln LeFevre.

After being blown away by Wagner’s lyrics and sound on The Smith Street Band’s latest album Sunshine & Technology, I am excited to hear this collection of new acoustic solo songs. You can order the 12″ vinyl and CD from the Poison City Records Store and listen to two of the tracks below.

Listen: Bring Me The Horizon – “Shadow Moses”

Bring Me The Horizon
UK-based metal band, Bring Me The Horizon, has just released the official audio stream of “Shadow Moses”, which you can check out here or below. This is the first single off the band’s fourth, upcoming studio album, Sempiternal, set to be released April of this year.

The song definitely draws from the band’s previous works; the best elements of which are prevalent throughout the track. The choir, orchestral element that riddled There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret returns. Heavy guitar riffs akin to Suicide Season are also featured. Perhaps the most interesting element is the melodious vocalization that singer Oli Sykes incorporates for the first time, rather successfully in fact. One can definitely feel the band’s maturation and the development of their musical style.

Listen: The Arab Springs – “Radost Moya”

The Arab Springs, Ross Devlin’s ambient experimental pop project recently unveiled their debut album Radost Moya. Devlin known for his work under the Wolf Fluorescence moniker, crafts drone-filled numbers with the vocal stylings of Ellery Roberts formerly from the now deceased WU LYF. Similarly Devlin uses his voice as an instrument to compliment the tracks’ layers swapping between airy and impassioned vocals. Combining drum loops, a variety of synthesiser melodies, and surreal lyrics Radost Moya floats seamlessly from track to track in a dreamlike sonic journey.

In Devlin’s own words about the release, “I recorded everything myself – some digital and some analog – mostly over this past summer. I was inspired to not really care if there’s a little bit of ugliness in my music which is always something that I’ve been conscious of. If you read any of the lyrics, the songs are mostly pretty gloomy, but there’s hope in them, and that’s where the name The Arab Springs came from.” You can download the album on a ‘Name Your Price’ basis from The Arab Springs’ Bandcamp and stream it above. For more information follow their Facebook page.