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Watch: The Almighty Rhombus – “Blank”

The Almighty Rhombus by Harriet Carlson
Hailing from Greater Sudbury, Canada The Almighty Rhombus‘ debut LP Lucid Living will be released on October 29th through Cosmic Dave Records. The outfit are branching off from the pure indie pop songs of their first extended play, and diving into a variety of genres from howling garage to glassy pop tunes and even a couple psychedelic jams. To hear and see this progression check out their music video below for Blank, a track off of the new album.

The video “features our singer Mike not having as much fun as we did. He didn’t have a bad time, but we had a GREAT time. We played baseball, saw dinosaurs, jumped off a cliff (like dinosaurs would), synchronized our swims, got drunk, ‘pretended’ we were ghosts, and had a ton of unnamed Sudbury summer adventures. All of these hijinks were caught on videotape. We even play our instruments! Mike’s shirt changes colour too!”

You can download Blank for free on their Bandcamp page as well as their self-titled EP. If you dig their quirky video be sure to pick up their full length Lucid Living when it’s released! Follow the band on Facebook to stay up to date.

Stream: Tape Deck Mountain – “Half Life”

Tape Deck Mountain Press
Shoegaze project, Tape Deck Mountain‘s sophomore album titled SWAY will be released on October 1st. SWAY was recorded during Travis Trevisan’s year long stay in Austin, Texas with the support of John Momberg handling the drums. SWAY is being released by Trevisan’s own label Nineteen98. Stream Half Life, an ambient distortion filled number with wistful vocals, off of the new album below. If you like the track, check out their Bandcamp to stream two other new songs, and the rest of their discography. Follow Tape Deck Mountain on Facebook and Twitter for more information. Pre-order the album in digital, vinyl or cassette form here.

Listen: Running Red Lights – “Mulberry Love”

Running Red Lights Press

Toronto indie rock outfit Running Red Lights consists of Scarlett (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards), Dave Puzak (Guitar), Kevin Howley (Drums/Programming) and Jeff Carter (Bass). Being in a band together since 2006, years of experience has allowed them to be able to craft tranquil yet engaging songs, with a perfect medley of male and female vocals.

Scarlet’s words about their seven year long journey as a band, “From the beginning, the band was extremely fortunate to find a receptive audience, especially from influential music industry supporters. The allure of the industry, and the chance to play music full-time, can have a powerful hold on a musician. We strayed from our musical convictions, but in a stroke of luck we were released. The industry suddenly disappeared. In this vanishing we found our integrity, uniformity and honesty. We found our genuine voices.”

You can stream/download their first single Mulberry Love from their forthcoming debut LP set for release in January of next year below. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for more information and be sure to check out their website too!

Watch: Dúo del Sol – “While You Were Gone”

Duo del Sol Press
Tom Farrell (guitar) and Javier Orman (violin) are both accomplished classical players previously touring and winning awards in that realm. The most obvious career choice would have been to stay on that course, but something was missing. Dúo del Sol freed them and they say “It is the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done.”

Musically, Dúo del Sol innovate from improvisation and obsess over songwriting. Creativity is the norm and their lifestyle, which led to their debut LP hello Kaleidoscope full of mesmerizing tracks which you can stream/purchase on Bandcamp. You can also pick it up on iTunes here. Despite not knowing much about the classic genre myself, the emotion and pure talent in their songs is extremely evident. Watch a live video produced and directed by Martín Yernazián for the album track While You Were Gone below! For more information follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Justin Vernon’s Latest Ventures

Bon Iver Press
Bon Iver fans may be heartbroken due to lead singer, Justin Vernon, hinting at the end of Bon Iver (or at very least a hiatus for a few years). But fear not because he has recently answered the fans’ questions and mentioned that “Bon Iver is not dead”, also adding that there will be more albums in the future. In late 2012, the band decided to take a break from their extremely successful, double Grammy winning year. Although there is no time frame of when they will reunite and release a new album, there is plenty from Justin Vernon to keep you satisfied until then.

Vernon recently decided to venture into and promote other projects he is involved in. In early 2013 he joined up with Brian Moen, and Phil Cook to create, or rather to bring back, The Shouting Matches. In 2008, the Shouting Matches released their debut album, Mouthoil which was recently released again due to the bands newfound fame. Now they have regrouped to bring you their latest album, Grownass Man. For those who don’t know about The Shouting Matches, they have a different sound compared to what you are used to from Vernon, and Bon Iver. With strong electric guitar strumming, and Vernon’s dynamic voice, the band is more known for their blues vibe. Vernon’s wide vocal range is utilized to bring out a new, more powerful sound, and is a big must listen for all Bon Iver fans wanting more songs during their hiatus.

If that does not fill you up, lately Vernon has worked in the group Volcano Choir, that consists of member from Collection of Colonies of Bees as well as Vernon himself as the lead vocalist. Volcano Choir most resembles the indie vibe that is expressed in Bon Iver, although with a slightly more upbeat tempo. Volcano Choir recently released their second studio album Repave and is a definite must have for Bon Iver fans in waiting.

Listen: Delta Will – “It All Glows”

Delta Will
Delta Will is a visitor from outer space who’s become fascinated with humans and their traditions of folk, blues and pop music. Charles Tilden has been kind enough to lend him his body so he can create his own musical experiments. Delta Will’s latest batch of songs was recorded with producer Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Tokyo Police Club, Snowblink). You can stream the title track off of the EP, It All Glows below.

Tilden’s words about the release, “My first recording on Earth was released on floppy disk and I was surprised to find out how quickly these objects had become obsolete. The newest recording is available on wav and mp3. I look forward to seeing how long before they become obsolete.” If you like what you hear the full EP arrives October 22nd. To stay up to date follow Delta Will on Facebook and Twitter!

Show Dates:
OCT 15 – 22 // HALIFAX // TBA

All-In-One Electro with DeckaJam


Enjoy listening to mesmerizing trance, bass-kicking dubstep, and eargasmic D&B? How about mixing all of those together, dropping a few extra instruments in the mix, and topping the cauldron off with a female vocalist? If you like that description, good on you; and if it doesn’t seem to catch your fancy, it’s about to.

DJ Kevin Thorpe aka Kevin Energy, who is a recipient of UK’s “Best Hard Dance DJ”, owns a record company that has released over 500 EPs, and guitarist/pianist Nick Sanett, who has played in several bands and currently is working on a solo project called “Nick 235,” have struck gold with their unique electronic project DeckaJam. Riding along the veins of popular EDM artists such as Nero, Chase & Status, and The Prodigy, this duo has the sound that can potentially take the electronic music industry by storm.

Taken from their biography on Onesheet, “DeckaJam encompasses all forms of dance music both mainstream and underground. The band aims to explore all forms of party music as part of their journey, so you can expect to hear a wide range of sounds with one thing in common – an intent to rock crowds at live parties!” And the balance is perfect – dubstep and drum & bass hits you at all the right times, while the transitions to softer, smoother, and more melodic phrases are spot on.

The duo has over sixteen years of experience in the music world, slowly earning their place in multiple genres and industries. Teamed up with other musicians such as Rhona, Jones 2.0, and Laura Bayston, DeckaJam has already spit out several sick tunes, and more is sure to follow.

DeckaJam have recently teamed up with Infectious Magazine in an effort to, much deservedly, become more well-known on a global scale. If you liked what you heard in the above videos, be sure to check out their other songs on their Youtube and Soundcloud channels; also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Stream: A Skylit Drive – “Rise”

A Skylit Drive Press 2013
Post-hardcore band A Skylit Drive have put their latest album “Rise”, in its entirety on Youtube. Check out the album stream below! Rise was released online and in-stores today. You can buy the album here! For more information follow them on Facebook!

Listen: Eric Hutchinson – “Almost Solo In NYC”

Eric Hutchinson

Fans of Eric Hutchinson may have watched one of his shows on his “Almost Solo Tour”, where he traveled with touring band member, Elliot Blaufuss, performing acoustic versions of his songs. But if you didn’t get the chance, luckily Hutchinson decided to record one of his tour stops in New York City and release a new live album.

This album consists of not only six of his hits, but also a few comical stories of his life as well as origins of some of his songs, allowing the full experience of a live show. The six songs are pulled from both of his albums “Sounds Like This” and “Moving Up, Living Down”, as well as a brand new track called “Shine on Me” which comes with a small story of the song’s inspiration.

Best part of this album is that it is free to the first one million fans that share either via Facebook or Twitter. If you are a big fan of Eric Hutchinson, this is a must get addition to your collection while it’s still available. You can find the album here; hurry now before its too late!

1. OK, Its Alright With Me
2. Watching You Watch Hom
3. Breakdown More
4. Outside Villanova
5. Shine On Me
6. Rock & Roll

Pierce The Veil Announce “This Is A Wasteland” Tour Documentary

Pierce The Veil Press
San Diego post-hardcore band Pierce The Veil have just announced their upcoming worldwide tour documentary DVD, “This Is A Wasteland”.

“Our first world tour was absolutely the craziest experience of our lives.. and we filmed EVERYTHING! Follow along as we visit uncharted territories in search of the best shows and thrilling experiences we could absolutely find along the way. This DVD is for the fans and the fans only. Thank you for letting us travel the world and share this adventure with you!” – Vic, Mike, Tony, and Jaime

The documentary is 60-minutes of power-packed footage that chronicles our life on the road, exclusive interviews, previously unreleased live footage, 3 music videos and everything in-between. The DVD will be released in stores WORLDWIDE and is packaged in a stunning, hard-bound book with 28 pages that features photos, artwork, and liner notes.”

The DVD is set to be released on November 11th, and will be available on iTunes. Check out the official trailer below!