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Listen: LI–ON GREVIER – “Self-titled EP”

LI–ON GREVIER is a music collective project introduced by Omri Horwitz who was originally a member of the band The Harold Wartooth, alongside Mike Mikocic. They have now released their first, self-titled, seven track EP.

Their sound can only be explained as incorporating an odd mixture of psychedelic and folk.The collaboration of sounds creates a calming, smooth tone that work perfectly for casual listening. The EP is described as “Collaborations between friends and artists. Everyone with their own backstory, their own influences; musicians” It is not something that was created just for commercial purposes but rather passion to work with friends to generate music that others will enjoy listening too, as much as they enjoyed making it.

“A Toronto music collective, an assembly of musicians and artists with talents that transcend genre and the humility to live their lives earthbound and eternal.”

Stream the EP below or on Bandcamp and check out their Facebook page.

Marcus Foster’s Discography So Far

Marcus Foster
Marcus Foster, British singer-songwriter from southwest London has a sound that is often compared to Bob Dylan, Otis Reading, and St. Vincent. It contains a folk aesthetic with a blues twist, as he is often accompanied by brass horns. Though starting under the radar by moonlighting as a singer around London, in 2008 he saw his name gain popularity around the United States after contributing his song I Was Broken to the first Twilight soundtrack.

By 2010, the demand for Marcus Foster started to grow with in the US, which led to musical appearances on the Jimmy Fallon Show, as well as tours around the country. In the following year, Foster finally released his debut album, Nameless Path which contains “timeless quality which was once appreciated”. Furthermore his second EP The Last House was released in late 2012, and contains some of most diverse work to date. So if you are looking for some calming folk/blues tunes that contain sounds rarely heard in today’s music, Marcus Foster is the man you are looking for.

His music is available on iTunes, as well as his website. Furthermore, Foster will be touring around the United States during March and April, whilst completing his second album, tour dates can be found on his Facebook page.

Review: Castlecomer – “Danny’s Den”

Castlecomer – Danny’s Den

Castlecomer Album

Released: March 30, 2012
Purchase: iTunes

Forming in late 2010, Castlecomer finally unveiled their debut release on March 30th, 2012 and did not disappoint. Armed with their high-energy shows, combined with their flawless five part harmonies, Castlecomer are one of the most exciting indie bands that Australia has to offer.

Castlecomer began their journey as a band by posting videos of both original songs and covers on YouTube including Mumford and Son’s The Cave, and Passion Pit’s Take A Walk. These fantastic videos led to fans around wondering, and near begging them to release an album.

On March 30th Castlecomer finally released their six song EP entitled, Danny’s Den. Tracks include songs that are found on their YouTube channel, as well as songs that have not been heard before. The EP is not what was first expected, as on YouTube all of the songs were played acoustically with a strong focus on the harmonies, however on the album there is a lot more use of electric guitars and drums, but this does not take away from their harmonic melodies. Even though it was different to what I was accustomed to, it was still successful, selling 1,200 hard copies, and 1000 digital copies. These five boys from Sydney are starting to make a name for themselves.

Fans, much like me, are eagerly waiting the next EP to be released, as they have only posted more covers such as Coldplay’s Till Kingdom Come and The Lumineers Ho Hey. But they haven’t released any new material, so no one knows what to expect. Luckily there shouldn’t be a long wait as they have already finished the recording for the second EP, and it is due for release sometime in early 2013. If you enjoy indie folk bands with spot on harmonies, Castlecomer is a band to look out for. Check out their Facebook and YouTube pages!


Review: Ben Howard – “The Burgh Island EP”

The Burgh Island EP


Released: October 31, 2012
Label: Island Records
Purchase: iTunes | Amazon

After his sensational debut album Every Kingdom, Ben Howard’s newest release The Burgh Island EP has not disappointed. Though fans have come accustomed to the smooth, acoustic, folk songs experienced in the album, The Burgh Island EP demonstrates a darker side to his songs, highlighted by the use of the electric guitar rather than his usual acoustic self. Yet the gritty, and albeit, gloomy sounds does not take away from the emotion and soul that is put into the lyrics and songs themselves. The songs were all inspired by his memories from surfing the beaches of Burgh Island, which leads to question, why create a darker tone for the songs?

Though fans and listeners would agree that the sound of this EP is completely different, it does not mean it’s a bad change. The opening track “Esmerelda” begins with eerie sounds, which grow more powerful as the song progresses through the beats, perfectly complemented by the rasp in his voice. The second track “Oats In The Water” on the other hand uses the electric guitar differently by creating a more bluesy electric sound, thus producing a more calming and memorable vocal melody. My personal favorite track of this album is the final one appropriately titled “Burgh Island”. This track most resembles the style of songs portrayed in the  album Every Kingdom. Much like Ben Howard’s popular track, “Black Flies” it’s a mostly calm song throughout, but has a powerful punch in the middle and near the end. Though it is not as catchy, it will definitely be a favorite to those fans of Every Kingdom.

This album also excites me as it demonstrates that Ben Howard doesn’t have just one style, but illustrates that he has a variety of styles, leaving fans wondering, what will he do next? For those following Ben Howard, he will be touring in New York, New Jersey and Virginia, for a week beginning February 11th with another of my personal favorite bands Mumford and Sons.


Standout Tracks: “Esmerelda” “Burgh Island”

Track listing:
1. Esmerelda
2. Oats in the Water
3. To Be Alone
4. Burgh Island (feat. Monica Heldel)