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Track: The Story So Far – “Clairvoyant”

Acoustic The Story So Far

Track: “Clairvoyant”
Artist: The Story So Far
Release Date: May 13th 2013
Label: Pure Noise Records

Clairvoyant is the first song by Californian pop-punk band The Story So Far has released off of their upcoming split 7″ with hardcore band, Stick To Your Guns, which you can currently stream here. The song is a soft acoustic number, differing greatly from the band’s usual brand of fast, hardcore-influenced pop-punk. Lead vocalist, Parker Cannon, sings over a poignant guitar that consistently drives the track. Cannon is typically known for his powerfully raw singing style, which some describe as “angst-y yelling”. Having said this, vocalization on the song will likely come as a surprise to many fans who are accustomed to the band’s heavy vocals. Clairvoyant features a vocal melody akin to the likes of softer acts such as Into It. Over It. and Koji.

Despite the heavy amount of versatility that the song demonstrates, Clairvoyant comprises of a couple of familiar elements of The Story So Far’s music. The lyrics of the song feature certain rhythmic and rhyming qualities consistent in many of the band’s tracks. Lines like “I think you’ll notice when things become different the good vibes in our lives won’t feel so consistent” and “You might hate my words but you know that I’m right, you know that I’m right” seem to fit perfectly in any The Story So Far song. The track almost feels like it could be an acoustic version of their usual, heavier material. Overall, Clairvoyant is a very satisfying change of pace, which also serves to demonstrate the multifaceted talent of The Story So FarThe 7″ split with Stick To Your Guns will be released on June 18th, 2013. You can pre-order the vinyl LP from Pure Noise Records here!

Rating: 9/10

Lost In The Sound Presents: Big Big Plans

Big Big Plans

For Fans Of: This ConditionHoliday Parade

Lost In The Sound proudly presents Big Big Plans, a pop punk band hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania. The young band has already released an EP in early 2010 and are currently at work on a new full length that will be out later this year. You can listen to the first single from Everything You’re Hiding below. “Stop & Go” features the use of a catchy guitar riff that subtly lies behind the driving vocals of frontman Eric Thomas Reavey. If you like fun, punk-enfused pop rock, be sure to give it a listen below. You can support the band by purchasing the track on their Bandcamp, listed below.

Big Big Plans is a four piece pop punk/pop rock band from West Chester, Pennsylvania. The band is composed of Eric Thomas Reavey on vocals and guitar, Kevin Shishko on drums, Derek Parker on guitar, and JP Florio on bass and vocals. Their first release was a 3 song EP titled 2010 EP back in early 2010. Since then, the band has been hard at work on a new full length that is set to come out in the next few months titledEverything You’re Hiding. “Stop & Go”, which is the first single off the new record is just a taste of what they have in store. Since forming, Big Big Plans has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Four Year StrongPolar Bear Club, and Koji. While they are made up of 3 college students and a high school junior, they are still hard at work currently writing more material to be released after the LP and also playing as many shows as possible.

Bandcamp: http://www.bigbigplans.bandcamp.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bigbigplans
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bigbigplans