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Interview: Josiah Leming

Josiah Leming Press
After capturing the attention of millions across the globe, Josiah Leming is preparing for the success that was apparent since he was young. When Josiah turned 17, he took a risk to follow his dream of being a musician: the singer-songwriter left from high school, packed up his car, which was his new home for the time being, and started the journey to his dreams. That leap of faith has now paid off and he was willing to take some time off and talk to us about his recently released, live album, “Listen Close Live”. You can pick up Josiah Leming’s new live album along with the rest of his discography on iTunes now!

What genre of music do you consider yourself to be a part of?

I don’t think about that too much. If you put a gun to my head, I’d say alternative. The only thing that really matters to me is that what’s coming out is a true representation of what’s inside. My stuff flirts with pop a little, but also keeps a good distance from resembling modern pop, which I don’t dig very much.

Who would you compare yourself too?

No one specifically, but a blend of all my favorites. Dylan, Nilsson, Springsteen, Buckley, Chris Martin, Thom Yorke, Jagger, etc etc.

Is there anyone who has inspired you during your career?

Obviously all of the above, but moreso I tend to draw inspiration from what I feel on the inside – feelings that spring from observations of the world around me, experiences in that world and relationships with the people in that world.

You released your solo – live album “ Listen Close Live” earlier this year. Why did you choose to do a live album? How does it compare to a studio album?

It had been a long time coming. I can’t put my finger on it, but something happens when I’m out in front of a live crowd that is hard to replicate in a studio. There’s always been this disconnect for me, and I’ve known for a while that a live record was something I wanted to do to bridge that gap. It’s nice to let the songs stand there naked and be confident that they’re good just the way they were written.

What is your favorite song to sing live?

I tend to like the ones that are higher energy, songs like Fuck Up, Her, This Cigar, stuff I can really let loose on.


Has anything changed since the release of the album?

It was an important step for me before moving on to working on new songs, finally getting versions of songs out that I feel good about. I needed to close the book on some of those songs.

Is there anything new you can share with us? Either a possible new studio album or EP?

We’re getting close to that point very quickly.

You are only 24 years old; does this have any affect on you in the music industry?

Not for me. My aim is to just write better songs and play my instruments better, and deliver better albums for myself and my fans. What has more impact is that I’ve been in and around the music industry at the highest levels for 6 years now, so I know what’s up and there’s not much that I don’t see coming now. I really feel comfortable navigating it, and in my ability to get the most out of it.

What are your plans for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2014?

Write, write, write, play, play, play. I’m constantly making new stuff and recording new stuff, and breaking it apart and putting it back together. This is the deepest I’ve dove into the pre-studio process, I wanna make sure I’m all the way there before we roll the tape.

Finally, is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

That’s why I make albums.


Watch: James Bay – “Move Together (Live)”

James Bay by Alex Shahmiri
Bringing his own twist to the music of his heroes Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, James Bay is a young singer-songwriter hailing from the small town of Hitchin in the UK. From playing at London’s Blue Flowers club, to recently opening for The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park and playing in New York City and Los Angeles, his reputation is growing rapidly. You can stream his debut EP The Dark Of The Morning below and pick it up for free on Noise Trade (100% of tip proceeds to WaterAid UK) or purchase it on iTunes.

Opening for ZZ Ward throughout America this Summer and Fall, James Bay’s EP The Dark of the Morning out now on Republic Records is an intimate introduction to a new voice in the singer-songwriter world. Recorded live at the Swamp in London, Bay strips his songs down to their core so the stories and experiences shine through. Equipped with an acoustic guitar and soulful euphonic vocals, his songs are truly reminiscent of folk legends. Below you can watch a live performance of his song off of the EP titled Move Together. Be sure to follow James Bay on his Facebook and Twitter for updates and check out his tour dates underneath the video!

Tour Dates:
Sep 24 – House of Blues w/ ZZ Ward | Orlando, FL
Sep 26 – VinylAtlanta, GA
Sep 27 – Visulite w/ ZZ Ward | Charlotte, NC
Sep 28 – 9:30 w/ ZZ Ward| Washington, DC
Sep 30 – Irving Plaza w/ ZZ Ward | New York, NY
Oct 01 – TLA w/ ZZ Ward | Philadelphia, PA
Oct 02 – Paradise w/ ZZ Ward | Boston, MA
Oct 04 – Cambridge Room w/ ZZ Ward | Cleveland, OH
Oct 05 – Opera House w/ ZZ Ward | Toronto, Canada
Oct 06 – Shelter w/ ZZ Ward | Detroit, MI
Oct 08 – Deluxe w/ ZZ Ward | Indianapolis, IN
Oct 11 – The Midland by AMC w/ ZZ Ward | Kansas City, MO
Oct 12 – Skyway w/ ZZ Ward | Minneapolis, MN
Oct 14 – Firebird w/ ZZ Ward | St Louis, MO
Oct 15 – House of Blues w/ ZZ Ward | Chicago, IL
Nov 08 – Institute w/ Kodaline | Birmingham, United Kingdom
Nov 09 – Academy w/ Kodaline | Oxford, United Kingdom