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Contest: All Time Low Ticket Giveaway

Pop rockers All Time Low are currently gearing up for their “Gimme Summer Ya Love” Tour in support of their new album, Dirty WorkWe’ve partnered with the band to give a pair of tickets away to one fan on each date of the tour. Five of these winners will then also receive a copy of Sims Generation, which includes “I Feel Like Dancin'”, the first single from Dirty Work.

All Time Low will be joined by The Starting LineCartelMayday Parade and a number of other bands. Interested?

Enter the contest here. The contest ends July 20th and the tour begins on the 25th, so act now.

The Starting Line Announces “Break” Is Over

Since taking a break in 2008 to focus on separate projects, The Starting Line have been engaging in much activity in recent time, hinting that the band may be back together, and even possibly working on a new album. They have announced a few playing dates with All Time Low for their, “Gimme Summer Ya’ Love” tour, which will be played with other bands such as CartelMayday Parade, and a few others. The official statement from Matt Watts, lead guitarist, is below:

“I just happened to read all the tweets and postings about everyone’s excitement about the TSL “break” being over. First off, I’d like to thank everyone for the excitement and enthusiasm, it really means a lot! It wasn’t intended to sound like an official announcement that the break is over, we all felt like it was over once we started playing shows again, but I guess hadn’t publicly acknowledged so.

So to address it:

As you’ve probably noticed, TSL has become slightly more active, and we even have a few new songs in the works. The main reason behind the break was to take some time and evaluate things, touring for 8+ years got really exhausting and we all needed to take a step away to see if TSL was something that we all still loved and wanted to pursue. After taking a much needed break, we’re all at a point where we truly love and appreciate what we were able to do together, and genuinely miss playing shows, writing, and being around one another.

Playing shows with the band, and even just getting together to hang out has been more fun than ever, everything is feeling great and natural, and seems as exciting as when we first started out. There’s just an undeniable chemistry and energy present that seemed to be lacking near the end of things.

That being said, we’re playing more shows and writing new music, but there’s no specific timeline that we’re on, nor do we have any real plans (as of right now), to be touring full time. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be playing shows in your city/town, it just means that we probably won’t be taking a traditional approach to touring and being an active band. All of us have various things and commitments happening in our lives that aren’t really conducive to year round touring. However, we do plan on playing shows more frequently and (slowly) working on a new album at some point. We’re also trying to figure out a way to get to some of the cities that we haven’t played since we went on “break” (talking to all of you on the West Coast).

We’ll keep you guys updated on any new developments!”

The Starting Line Premiere New Song

Watch The Starting Line perform a new song called “Luck” live below.

Say Anything Lineup Change

Say Anything bassist Alexander T. Kent has left the band. On the band’s upcoming tour, Kent will be replaced by Kenny Vasoli, the lead singer and bassist of The Starting Line.

Below are some words from Kent:

“It really has been a wild ride. I remember so well the fairly warm December night 6 years ago at Chain Reaction when Max asked me to play in Say Anything. I’ve learned and grown so much while being in this band and these words will not come close enough to expressing the gratitude to everyone in the band, everyone who worked for and helped the band, and all of the amazing fans who took time to come see and talk to us. Thank you.

All of the guys and I are still best friends and hopefully always will be. There are no hard feelings and there was no altercation. I have just decided to start the next chapter of my life. As George Bluthe once said, “It’s time for me to mozy on, partna.” I’m not sure what I’m going to do besides start brewing beer and going to school. I’ll still play music too – maybe with Brian from Weatherbox. So if you’re interested you can keep a finger on the keys…

I wish the very best to Say Anything and everybody in it. Thank you all so much for all the experiences and memories.

I love everyone,
Alexander T Kent”