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Watch: The Orwells – “Who Needs You”

The Orwells
In anticipation of Chicago based flower punk outfit, The Orwells‘ second EP release this year titled, Who Needs You you can stream their music video for the title track below. The Orwells consist of cousins Mario Cuomo (vocals) and Dominic Corso (guitar), twins Grant (bass) and Henry Brinner (drums), and Matt O’Keefe (guitar). The EP will be released on September 10th via East End/Canvasback, and on September 9th via East End/National Anthem in the UK. It includes the title track, both a Misfits and a Black Lips cover, and an Audiotree live session of Halloween All Year from their debut release Remember When. The video encompasses the raw, raunchy sound the band produces and some of frontman Mario Cuomo’s eccentric moves, which made their Lollapalooza performance extremely entertaining. (There are 1080p videos of the show up on YouTube if you missed out) I’m personally looking forward to this EP and hopefully a new full-length album after their national tour with FIDLAR. Pre-order Who Needs You on iTunes now and watch the music video directed by Eddie O’ Keefe below!

Listen: Pussy Wizard – “Brave Horatius (2001​-​2011)”

Brave Horatius
Pussy Wizard, lo-fi noise pop project have put out previously unreleased tracks from the old moniker Brave Horatius. Being recorded over ten years, this album encompasses a variety of different musical approaches as his sound evolved into the ability to produce multiple standout tracks. Personal favorites from this release include a gentle love song titled Carolina, Black Eyes, an upbeat track with punk roots, and a Misfits cover of Astro Zombies. Pick up the release on their Bandcamp page on a “Name Your Price” basis, or stream it below.

“I started playing music under the moniker Brave Horatius in 2001 when my parents got me a digital 8-track recorder. My mom had given me a book called Opal. It was the diary of a 6 year old orphaned girl. Brave Horatius was her dog and constant companion. I made a couple of really embarrassing tapes and gave them to a few friends. My punk band had broken up and I was sad because I got dumped for the first time. Typical early 2000’s late-teenage post fuck the system angst all encompassed by the depression of beginning to enter adulthood to a soundtrack of Fevers and Mirrors on repeat. College came with confusion and drinking and smoking and other not-so-hard drugs and more heartbreak and reading Bukowski and thinking “oh I get it now.” Whatever. I made a little zine/CDR EP thing, had a song on a compilation, put out a split, and did a few tours. Moved to San Francisco in 2008. Recorded songs with a 4-track in a vacant apartment above mine. Moved back to South Carolina in 2011 and decided the moniker was exhausted and boring. I worked a decade on trying to capture songs how they were imagined and never got it the way I wanted and I wanted to move on. So I made Pussy Wizard to avoid the seriousness that often leads to huge expectations that often lead to huge disappointments. But here is a time capsule of attempts at making a record I unrealistically imagined for far too long.”