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Big Footprints Records’ September Four-​Way Charity Split

Big Footprints Project
Big Footprint Records have released their third instalment of their four-way split series to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club Of America. Eighty percent of all the proceeds from the splits go to the BGCA while the other twenty percent goes towards Big Footprint Records’ future projects. The September split was released yesterday and includes a track each by Old Gray, Tiny Moving Parts, Have Mercy and Unraveler. The artwork was done by Jacob Ewald of Modern Baseball. You can stream the split in its entirety below and purchase it here. Be sure to check out the charity releases from June and July too and follow them on Facebook! [Edit: Part 2 of this September split is available here as of September 20th.]

Donate: Starry Cat – “Self-Titled”

Starry Cat
Starry Cat, solo project of Sam Ray from Ricky Eat Acid, Julia Brown and Teen Suicide, have released a self titled album in support of fellow band member and friend, Caroline White. This release was written and recorded during a break from recording for the Julia Brown debut. It was initially going to be kept a secret and be sold as physical copies at shows, however  in Sam Ray’s words, “we found out recently that caroline (our viola player/singer) is sick and has to get multiple surgeries soon. that sucks. also she can’t eat cake for like a long time which is awful. caroline’s one of my best friends and one of the most talented people i know and it sucks she has to go through this and it sucks even more because i know it’s a lot of money to get everything she needs done. i wanted to try and help her with everything so i figured i’d release this album now instead of waiting and hope that if you like it (or wanna be supportive) you’d pay for it.”

All the money donated goes into Caroline’s Paypal account to help pay for the surgeries. If you have ever downloaded music from the aforementioned bands, you’ll have noticed they never ask for money, so please this time help Caroline out, thank you.

“if you can’t afford anything you can still download it but it’d be rad if you shared it i guess so maybe other people will see it.” Sam Ray



[Edit: Cameron Boucher of Old Gray has also released a solo album for the same cause, which you can buy on his Bandcamp page.]

Listen: Old Gray – “An Autobiography”

Old Gray

Old Gray, emo outfit from New Hampshire, after countless EPs and splits are finally releasing a debut LP titled An Autobiography. This LP as expected has heart-wrenching lyrics and is full of twinkly guitar melodies as right from the get go they proved their worth with their initial Demo. The album is available to stream below and after two hundred preorders of the 12″ record it will be available for free download. An Autobiography is being released through Broken World Media and for the European fans by Dog Knight Productions at a later date. You can watch a live performance of Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth from their previous EP Do I Dare Disturb The Universe below.


Topshelf Records’ V-Day Charity Four-Way Split

Topshelf Records have released a 4-way digital split featuring Old Gray, Modern BaseballThe Hundred Acre Woods & Julia Brown. All proceeds from this split will go to the charity V-Day, “a global movement to end violence against women and girls.”

Cam Boucher, of Old Gray’s words about this release. “With all of our respective bands currently working to promote records of our own, we thought it would be nice to come together and try to use any attention that we’ve recieved as bands to help give back to the community.”

The split is available to purchase now on Topshelf Record’s Bandcamp page with downloads being sent out at 4pm EST on Valentine’s Day. I recommend buying this release as the proceeds go to a good cause, and of course you get new tracks from amazing bands.

Listen: Professor O’blivion – Demo 2012

Professor O’blivion is an experimental project featuring John Deguide on bass guitar and Patrick Piper on drums, two hip boys rising from the depths of Barrington, Illinois. I’m big on supporting local and self produced music — “Think locally, fuck globally.”  When I found out long ago that they had almost finished their first demo, I hassled John about it for months. I was extremely pumped to finally hear some local music that didn’t reiterate the stereotype of Barrington. Alas due to some problems they ran into, I was forced to be a patient crow and waited for my moment to strike.

This demo is exactly what I had hoped it would be: it’s creative and very experimental. The intro to the demo has the same kind of vibe as Old Gray‘s track “Instrumental”, even though the music overall doesn’t have the same Old Gray pop/emo feel. Professor O’blivion has a very heavy sound that is really raw, but in no way is it trashy noise-rock. They use a very deep bass, which in my opinion really rounds out and enhances the flow of the songs. The drums are sick and Patrick is a pretty hardcore drummer. Together, they equally create this hip underground sound that is Professor O’blivion.

The new demo is currently available for free on the band’s Bandcamp or you can stream it below. Be sure to also check out Patrick’s side project BlackWindom.

Demo 2012 Tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Curmudgeon
3. John Haley
4. That Would Be The Closet