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Listen: Unconditional Arms – “Kinship”

Unconditional Arms
Jeffrey Wright’s solo project Unconditional Arms recently released an album titled “Kinship” made to celebrate the birth of his newborn son, Owen born on August 8th, 2013. The album explores a fusion of ambient, emo and post-rock soundscapes drawing inspiration from Explosions in The Sky and Godspeed! You Black Emperor. With six instrumental tracks, the motivation drawn from the birth of his first-born son is clear with lyrics just not able to convey the incalculable emotions a new child presents. Read Wright’s words about the release below.

” ‘Kinship’ is an album that I have made as a gift to my newbown son, Owen. Everything on the album is a direct representation of some the fears, joys and miracles that come with creating another human through my own unique perspective. As he grows older, I’m sure there will be plenty more new areas of morality and humanity for me to explore and transpose – but for now, I just want to give him an everlasting gift as a welcome into this world from the bottom of my heart, utilizing what I know best. Music.”

Stream the album below in its entirety and depending on your location pick up the album here for the EU/UK, here for Japan, and here for the US. The album is available in a variety of different formats and packages including limited edition 12″ vinyl records. For more information check out the project’s website.

Bruce Springsteen Unveils “High Hopes”

Bruce Springsteen by Jo Lopez
Heartland rock giant Bruce Springsteen has unveiled the track list and album artwork via Facebook and Twitter for his new album titled “High Hopes”. The album contains two previously released tracks, American Skin (41 Shots) and The Ghost of Tom Joad, which will be revamped for this new album. Similarly, a cover of The Havalinas‘ track High Hopes was also previously released  on The Boss’ 1996 EP “Blood Brothers”, meaning the album’s titular track is an updated cover. After touring with the band earlier this year Tom Morello of Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine has provided his masterful guitar skills and vocals on songs from the forthcoming release. Springsteen is set to finish up his tour of South Africa, and then head down to Australia and New Zealand to complete his Wrecking Ball tour. (For dates click here) The new album “High Hopes” is set to be released on January 14th 2014 and you can pre-order it on iTunes. Check out the tracklist and album artwork below.

High Hopes - Bruce Springsteen

1. High Hopes
2. Harry’s Place
3. American Skin (41 Shots)
4. Just Like Fire Would
5. Down In The Hole
6. Heaven’s Wall
7. Frankie Fell In Love
8. This Is Your Sword
9. Hunter Of Invisible Game
10. The Ghost of Tom Joad
11.The Wall
12. Dream Baby Dream

Watch: Whales In Cubicles – “Golden Medal”

Whales In Cubicles by Tim Bowditch

London-based trio Whales In Cubicles have released a music video for their new track ‘Golden Medal’ ahead of their debut album release on January 27th 2014. Founded by frontman Stef Bernardi, Whales In Cubicles are the product of a soul-searching expedition that saw Bernardi travel from his home in Italy throughout the United States. The line-up was made complete with a chance encounter in Washington D.C. between Bernardi and fellow members Alex and Jamie, before the group found their home in the UK.

The band create complex but often minimalist soundscapes that draw influence from 90’s alternative rock and psychedelia. Their new music video based on a talent show includes a person dancing dressed as Pikachu, a child practicing martial arts and a Simon Cowell look-alike playing a medley of instruments. I’m confident however that this emerging trio came out on top of the show, despite Pikachu’s slick moves.

Their forthcoming debut album was recorded at Monnow Valley Studio with producer Nick Mailing and mixed by Simon Barnicott, and will be released via CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH. Watch the music video for Golden Medal below and pick up the track for free on the outfit’s Bandcamp. For more information and tour dates check out their Facebook, Twitter and website.


Listen: The Foreign Films – “Fall Of The Summer Heart”

The Foreign Films

Bill Majoros’ project The Foreign Films has released a new single titled Fall Of The Summer Heart. It is an eight part song cycle from the forthcoming album “The Record Collector” set to be released in April of 2014.

In Marjoros’ words about the release, “The idea sprung while on tour in England. At first it was more a dream sequence than a song, but over time the fragments of mumbled melody took the foggy images of birds, ghosts, pinball machines, a fortune-teller, mermaids, a maze, an abandoned amusement park into a sonic tapestry. The track took just under one year of recording, with help from producer Carl Jennings, and players Kori Pop, and Kirk Starkey. ‘Fall Of The Summer Heart’ is meant to connect the dots from the past to the present. Taking references from not only 60s pop giants, but also modern sound wizards.”

The product is a holistic sonic journey lasting just under thirteen minutes with each part flowing seamlessly into the next filled with a variety of instruments and vocals. Stream Fall Of The Summer Heart below and pick up the single on Bandcamp on a “Name Your Price” basis. For more information follow The Foreign Films on Facebook.

Listen: Sincerely, Grizzly – “Us; or Optimism”

Sincerely, Grizzly - Press Shot #1

Three piece literature rock outfit, Sincerely, Grizzly from Adelaide, Australia have just released the first single titled Us; or Optimism off of their debut record “Halves”. Literature rock is a hybrid of both art and math rock, combining time signature changes and intricate guitar and percussion work. The forthcoming album “Halves” is the bands’ attempt to understand and reconcile musical, personal and philosophical dichotomies. Us; or Optimism was recorded in Melbourne with Jez Giddings at Hot House, mixed by Brad Wood (Sunny Day Real Estate, Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo) and mastered by Emily Lazar (Brand New, Death Cab For Cutie, Wu Tang).

Sincerely, Grizzly this year alone have supported the band responsible for their musical existence, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead as well as embarking on two national tours of their own and sharing the stage with artists such as JAPANDROIDS and The Presidents of The United States of America. You can stream their new single below and follow the band on Facebook for more information. They embark on a national tour of Australia tomorrow so if you’re from there check out the dates here.

Stream: Whale Fire – “The Fabric”

Whale Fire

The debut full-length album titled “Before You Run” from indie dream pop outfit Whale Fire was released earlier this month. Since the unveiling of their 7″ Dream of Me/The Fabric last year, the band have worked with Michael Stephens at Pizza Party Studios to compile  a total of nine tracks for this new record. With three songs from Before You Run already receiving critical acclaim, the rest of the album is just as phenomenal proving Whale Fire’s adeptness at producing dream infused standout indie rock songs.

Whale Fire’s co-lead vocalists John Steel and Clay Grubbs throughout the new album provide both harmonic and solo vocals. They also handle the melodies strumming reverb-heavy guitars. Matthew Steel provides backing vocals and bass guitar riffs, and Will Vick keeps the songs moving with the drums/percussion.

Below you can listen to The Fabric, one of the songs off of the album. If you like what you hear you can stream the album in its entirety here. Follow the band on Facebook, check out their website. Pick up Before You Run on iTunes or Bandcamp!

Listen: Pairs & god bows to math – “Split 7″”

Split 7" Cover

Shanghai punk duo Pairs and Auckland noise rock trio god bows to math have come together to create a four track 7″ split. The split is being supported by four different record labels including Muzai Records from New Zealand, Tenzenmen in Australia, the Chinese label Genjing, and Bomb Shop in the United Kingdom. Pairs’ two tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Manny Nieto in a dusty hut out in the guts of Yangpu. god bows to math’s side was recorded and mixed by Donnie Miller at Nowhere Audio in Brisbane, and then mastered by Nick Roughan in Auckland. According to Bomb Shop “each label is doing their allocation of this limited edition slightly differently” so depending on your geographic location you may receive different goodies. Kudos to whoever thought of the cute pop-up of all the band members playing their respective instruments inside the gatefold.

If you want to purchase this split and are in NZ you can do so here, and if you’re in the UK, Europe or Japan you can pick it up here. For fans elsewhere, the two other labels don’t seem to have purchasing options right now. Stream the split in its entirety courtesy of Bomb Shop here.

Watch: SKATERS – “Deadbolt”

SKATERS is a four piece plasma-punk band out of New York. SKATERS’ songs are filled with smooth vocals, and breezy garage-rock melodies. They recently released a video for their new single “Deadbolt”, which you can watch below. You can also stream their first single “I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)” on Soundcloud or purchase it through iTunes. Check our their tour dates on their website.

Watch: The Almighty Rhombus – “Blank”

The Almighty Rhombus by Harriet Carlson
Hailing from Greater Sudbury, Canada The Almighty Rhombus‘ debut LP Lucid Living will be released on October 29th through Cosmic Dave Records. The outfit are branching off from the pure indie pop songs of their first extended play, and diving into a variety of genres from howling garage to glassy pop tunes and even a couple psychedelic jams. To hear and see this progression check out their music video below for Blank, a track off of the new album.

The video “features our singer Mike not having as much fun as we did. He didn’t have a bad time, but we had a GREAT time. We played baseball, saw dinosaurs, jumped off a cliff (like dinosaurs would), synchronized our swims, got drunk, ‘pretended’ we were ghosts, and had a ton of unnamed Sudbury summer adventures. All of these hijinks were caught on videotape. We even play our instruments! Mike’s shirt changes colour too!”

You can download Blank for free on their Bandcamp page as well as their self-titled EP. If you dig their quirky video be sure to pick up their full length Lucid Living when it’s released! Follow the band on Facebook to stay up to date.

Listen: Running Red Lights – “Mulberry Love”

Running Red Lights Press

Toronto indie rock outfit Running Red Lights consists of Scarlett (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards), Dave Puzak (Guitar), Kevin Howley (Drums/Programming) and Jeff Carter (Bass). Being in a band together since 2006, years of experience has allowed them to be able to craft tranquil yet engaging songs, with a perfect medley of male and female vocals.

Scarlet’s words about their seven year long journey as a band, “From the beginning, the band was extremely fortunate to find a receptive audience, especially from influential music industry supporters. The allure of the industry, and the chance to play music full-time, can have a powerful hold on a musician. We strayed from our musical convictions, but in a stroke of luck we were released. The industry suddenly disappeared. In this vanishing we found our integrity, uniformity and honesty. We found our genuine voices.”

You can stream/download their first single Mulberry Love from their forthcoming debut LP set for release in January of next year below. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for more information and be sure to check out their website too!